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Own a Burger Box

Burger Box Roadhouse Franchise offers those who have ever dreamed of owning and operating a Roadhouse, the wonderful opportunity of becoming a Burger Box Fanchisee.

If you are inspired, motivated and hard-working, commited to providing quality food and service and wish to join as a franchisee, you will receive help and franchise support from the very beginning in matters such as:

  • choosing a site

  • the design of the roadhouse to maximise operation

  • training of staff for the production of food and service

  • administration advice

  • marketing


A Traditional Roadhouse

A traditional free-standing drive-in Roadhouse with private parking, a comfortable casual sit-down restaurant, outdoor seating in a garden and kids entertainment. All aspects of which Burger Box Roadhouse hospitality is famous for.


Burger Box Express

A smaller restaurant located in a shopping strip or mall, offering a sit-down restaurant or take-away option.

Contact Details:

Tel: 011 955 4581 


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